Best Buy IT Solutions: Leveraging Cisco Technology to Provide Customizable IT Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, technology has become a tool to understand organization’s priorities and leveraging new technologies such as cloud, big data, virtualization, and mobility has become the need of the hour. CISCO has been helping companies to evolve in the technological world.

Mumbai headquartered Best Buy IT solutions leverages CISCO solutions to provide IT Networking & Security, Cloud-based Solutions, IT Infra Management and Software Solutions along with ensuring a good customer experience. The company assists its clients right from installation to up-gradation.

“We provide solutions in a way that the whole workforce chain is at a stress-free level right from the business owner to managers to the administrators and lastly the employees. We don’t give a standard type of solution to any business; it is always customized according to their wants and needs.” shares Nadeem Shaikh, CEO & Founder, Best Buy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. (Venture of Best Buy Group of Companies).

Cisco has been a boon to many industries and businesses. Best Buy tailors solutions specifically for different requirements of clients with the help of CISCO solutions. The company is able to establish the required seamless communication channels and keep the information flowing for both businesses and their customers. CISCO’s Network DNA, coupled with NextGen firewalls make sure that the information keeps on flowing without Interruption. Cisco’s security systems give businesses the flexibility to choose a BYOD or CYOD.
With the combinations of CISCO’s hardware and software, the businesses are able to tailor their own solutions with ease. Their next generation firewalls and the sturdy antivirus with inbuilt intelligent detection systems keep the cyber threats at bay and at the same time allow legit information to flow to their desired destinations. Cisco’s cloud solutions help clients deploy their services on one collaborative cloud eliminating the hassles of multiple versions of any application or service, whether it is a simple app or a complicated full-fledged solution app. They are no longer restricted to one platform or one OS. Cloud helps them to break their own barriers and grow. Best buy helps in tackling the security issues associated with cloud with the help of CISCO. CISCO’s solutions like Umbrella and StealthWatch give administrators the power to monitor when and how their colleagues are being attacked with the next-gen monitoring tools. Features like DNS & IP layer enforcements stop the malicious files from reaching the employee's devices.

We provide solutions in a way that that the whole workforce chain is at a stress-free level right from the business owner to managers to the administrators and lastly the employees

Best Buy aims to expand their range of services and introduce CISCO’s Analytics solutions which will help them manage and monitor their data effectively. Apart from that, the company also wants to provide Automation solutions, where the clients will benefit by automating many day to day activities and save themselves precious time. “We are in the process of up-gradation of our services and infrastructure. We will soon be able to provide clients with more sets of solutions related to media & advertising.”