Unicom Infotel - Enterprise Networking and Collaboration Made Seamless

CIO Vendor Unicom Infotel, headquartered in Mumbai, is focused on Commercial and Midmarket accounts with collaboration and enterprise networking. Unicom has also made a few inroads into the Enterprise vertical with many multi-location deals mainly in collaboration in India.The company delivers end-to-end solution in Voice, Data, Video and Managed Print Solutions. Unicom is an Advanced Collaboration partner with Cisco for Voice and keeps up-to-date with the latest level of Cisco Certification. With an experience of almost a decade in execution for Cisco Voice, best practices are in place at Unicom in terms of project implementations. Unicom has also invested in LAB for in-house best practices and to provide good customer experience with Cisco Solutions.

“With the new trend of telephony, customers get significant advantage in Telephone wiring with a single data cable sufficing for both Voice and Data set-up. The PBX then forms part of the data network and gives an edge in terms of reduction of maintenance cost. Customers are open to migrate to new technologies, not only looking for new deployments but also in existing environment where slowly the TDM solution goes redundant,” says Bharat Thakker, Managing Director, Unicom Infotel.

Partnership with Cisco
Talking about the partnership with Cisco, Bharat says that Cisco is the most innovative networking vendor, and unarguably one of the most innovative IT companies globally. He further adds, "Today, enterprise customers have become very demanding right from design and execution stage to handover and after-sales stage. Customers want the best of the technologies with right price; Cisco meets those expectations by bringing the value proposition to table i.e TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Cisco also nurtures the potential of the partners ensuring right certification to meet customer requirements."

“Cisco’s partnership has helped Unicom’s growth of business. Today Cisco as an OEM contributes significantly in Unicom’s more than 10 OEM’s relationship business across India. Unicom is one of the few companies which are capable of providing end-to-end solution," feels Bharat. Unicom has invested in state-of-art collaboration briefing center. This is to acquire cutting edge knowledge for themselves as well as making customers aware about the latest solutions available in the market for creating a collaborated work environment. By this, Unicom plays an active role in helping the customer meet their needs for latest telephony requirement for Unified collaborated environment.
“Cisco came as an opportunity where Unicom could increase the business volume to address the large enterprise in Telephony demands and in particular IP Telephony. Unicom got certified as Advance collaboration partners. We were also able to pitch in other solutions of Cisco along Telephony solutions. More importantly, in last couple of years, Cisco too invested in IT by acquiring of firms due to which we were able to go back to the same customer with new product line. This has helped in multiplying the business and Unicom can see tremendous growth with Cisco in years to come,” says Bharat.

Unicom is an Advanced Collaboration partner with Cisco for Voice and keeps up-to-date with the latest level of Cisco Certification

Unique methodology for Project Execution
Unicom follows a unique four step methodology for Project Execution. With PROJECT KICK OFF, a Project Manager is designated for the project till its completion. One or two site Cisco Certified engineers are nominated who are available for three months after completion of the project for programming and teething issues. They are backed by a Network Design Team. During the DESIGN SIGN OFF stage, Unicom’s IT consultants meet the various stake holders the client such as IT Infrastructure team, WAN connectivity team and Voice Connectivity team to understand and document their requirements. Based on that, the project manager creates a detailed EXECUTION BAR-CHART and dependency list which is shared with the client’s project team and jointly discussed. During the ON SITE EXECUTION stage, the project manager organizes for the on-site team deployment to carry out On-site work and Documentation and Circulation of Work Completion & Dependencies and Inventory Management Tracking on weekly basis. Finally, during the PROJECT CLOSURE stage, Unicom team provides adequate documents as per client’s standards, Test reports and Compliance check list and Pre-handover Audit check lists.

Moving forward, Unicom plans to scale up the ladder with more Cisco solution offerings that can be addressed to major needs of customer. “Unicom has invested into collaboration and would like not only to replicate but to multiply the story with Security and Enterprise networking. This would be one of the focus areas in coming two to three years time. Unicom is confident that with Cisco’s guidance and support, it will not be difficult to address higher-end solution to large house,” concludes Bharat.