Ninesec Integration - Leveraging Cisco Solutions for Maximum Output

CIO Vendor CISCO has been the reigning the globe as providers solid network infrastructure enabling businesses run as they are meant to. Setting highest standards in quality and service CISCO is a name that commands reliability and dependability from organisations. However the market for CISCO solutions faces gaps such as the dearth of proficient and dexterous professionals in the market who are capable of designing and implementing and deploying Cisco solutions. Another challenge is the price of these products which refrains SME vertical from maximum optimization of the products.

Bridging this very gap of skilled professionals is Mumbai based Ninesec Integration Pvt. Ltd. Ninesec brings in a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience through conscious strategy and zeal to excel further. The engineers here are not only certified in CISCO technologies but other technologies as well. The professionals here exhibit knowledge and skills in highly demanded segments such as Unified Communications, Security and Data Center technologies.

Exhibiting great expertise Sriraman Ganapathi, the Director of Ninesec says on the importance of Network design, “We always strive to approach a customer’s network from a design perspective, even if the requirement may be specific in nature or for a point solution. Proper network design helps to keep things simple and secure, thus ensuring minimal downtime and high flexibility in spite of additions, deletions, moves and changes, which are a regular fare in any enterprise networks.”

With world class CISCO Switching products, Ninesec provides Switching Network Design which functions at all levels with both speed and application level services.
With the aim of providing clients a high TCO and ROI, Ninesec provides secured Cisco IP telephony which integrates with traditional TDM Telephone systems to provide continuity as well staggered investment, and can be integrated with numerous third party applications.

Ninesec brings in a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience through conscious strategy and zeal to excel further.

Deriving benefits such as increased agility and resilience to withstand the higher demands on traffic and performance Ninesec provides and encourages clients to install Network Management Systems into their networks early on in their life cycle. For maximum protection and compliance and prevention of information leakage, Ninesec also provides CISCO’s integrated Messaging and Web Security solutions which is the key to ensuring the confidentiality of business and helps secure the network and users against unwanted and often times malicious content. Afore mentioned are amongst the few CISCO solution they provide.

A self procurer of CISCO solutions themselves, what sets Ninesec apart from others players in this segment is their command over this market segment. They do not just install CISCO solutions; they design network systems and integration to ensure maximum optimization. This is reflected when Mr. Ganapathi delineates the importance of precise documentation which is not given its due importance in many organizations. Mapping their future, Ninesec seeks to expand in all frontiers of customer base, enhanced service and added profits. Mr. Ajay Dand, Founder and Director, signs off saying, “We can proudly say that Ninesec has achieved its position and reputation in the market, because of the tremendous goodwill enjoyed by it due to the efficiency and skillfulness demonstrated by its team.”