Nikom InfraSolutions - Bolstering Networking Realm as a Credible Partner

CIO Vendor Owing to proliferation of technology, today’s digital customers’ demand is to get connected always and obtain easy access to of information. In the cloud and networking technology ambience, Cisco plays a crucial role and renders solutions, services and equipments for big corporations as well as for SMBs to leverage easy access of information. While adopting Cisco solutions to the enterprise business realm, organization requires reinforcement of credible partners with hands-on approach to meet their specific business requirements.

Being a credible partner in the networking realm, New Delhi headquartered Nikom InfraSolutions Pvt. Ltd. offers IT and Networking solutions with high concentration on quality delivery. “We can proudly say that due to the seamless and comprehensive product portfolio of CISCO, we are able to exceed expectations of enterprise clients whether they are current or futuristic,” asserts Asheesh Garg, Managing Director & Founder, Nikom InfraSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Aside from networking solutions, the company has technology adroitness to design and build Data Centers, Energy Management Solutions, Defence and Security Solutions, Asset Tracking Services, Information Technology Solutions, and AV solutions on turnkey basis for large and medium enterprises.

Nikom perceives the significance of scalability in catering IT and Networking solutions to its clients. According to Asheesh Garg, “Nikom takes care of proposed exponential growth of networks that directly lead to run more application on the same solution in future, which in turn requires a lot of storage space to manage their databases. Thus, Nikom prefers scalability as top priority while proposing IT and Networking solution to its clients”.
Additionally, the company considers that improper design of solution often leads to restrict client to do moves or upgrade in terms of LAN or active products or hardware in future. Therefore, it focuses on any design of IT & Networking solutions by contemplating scalability requirements for at least five years.

Nikom InfraSolutions Pvt. Ltd. offers IT and Networking solutions with high concentration on quality delivery

While taking Data Centers into account, Nikom delivers comprehensive Data Center solutions. Its Data Center solutions’ portfolio comprises of Data Center Consulting Services, Data Center Design and Engineering, Data Center Project Management, Data Center Construction, Data Center Monitoring and Control and Data Center Operations and Maintenance. When it comes to Data Centre Design and Engineering, Nikom caters great prominence to its client’s future growth. “Nikom believes that success mantra of any successful Data Center is careful consideration of worst-case scenario in terms of scalability, redundancy and future expansion etc. If we consider these points seriously while designing, they can be safe-guards at the point of failure and help clients optimize their investments, improve performance and achieve availability objectives,” opines Asheesh Garg. When it comes to Data Center Project Management Service, Nikom functions as a one-stop shop which caters services from conceptualization, design, delivery to operations and maintenance of mission critical facilities.

Nikom has an in-house design team with unstinted resilience to meet customers’ vision. “Nikom delivers large range of IT product and solution offerings with key emphasis on technical architecture, quality assurance, project management and ease of user experience,” winds up Asheesh Garg.