tech IT-Spreading Technical Awareness among Enterprises to Let the Technology Win

CIO Vendor To be competitive in today’s technology landscape, it is important for enterprises to have a robust, scalable and secure IT infrastructure in place. The networks and servers which are part of the IT infrastructure need to be reliable and responsive. While making efforts and implementing solutions to fulfill these objectives, enterprises need to align IT capabilities with business requirements. tech IT, headquartered in Kolkata, makes it possible and easy for enterprises by helping them build and manage utility-grade IT infrastructure. The company deploys appropriate best-of-breed hardware and software solutions from OEMs like Cisco, Schneider, Dlink, Cyberoam, Hikvision, with an objective oriented approach to meet the expectations of its customers. The company proudly boasts of its highly experienced, vendor-certified engineers who are skilled in both the technical and business aspects of network and server infrastructure.

“We help our customers in designing, implementing and managing a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that supports their business goals, reduces total cost of ownership and maximizes the value of their technology investments,” says Anirban Misra, Founder & Chairman, tech IT. The company leverages its partnership with Cisco who is a pioneer in the networking domain to continuously build and augment its technical expertise with new advancements in technology. While providing network and server installation service, tech IT makes sure that its probable clients are well-acquainted with the power of skillful Surveillance system. “We have made them realize that HD quality picture output doesn’t depend only on Mega Pixels or TVLs and the miracle is that those ‘could be’ clients have become a pertinent figure in our turn over,” adds Anirban.
As a result of the above methodology, tech IT’s clients get to know what sort of active and passive networking components are required and why are they required, to have a basic or optimum or supreme level of security infrastructure. When it comes to Network Audit and Security Service, tech IT’s strong technical team uses its experience of working vigorously on various tools and deciding what sort of tool(s) is required for a client to resolve the issues in their current network.

The company proudly boasts of its highly experienced, vendor-certified engineers who are skilled in both the technical and business aspects of network and server infrastructure

One of the many testimonies which prove the efficacy of solutions provided by tech IT is how the company designed the entire Hostel Network Infrastructure of BIT Mesra (Ranchi) with 100 percent Gigabit Backbone following the famous three-layer architecture of Cisco. tech IT has gained the prestige of being the designer and implementer of first ever Ward based Surveillance in India. The organization has been trusted by the ITC group to evaluate the security in the wireless networks both at their Offices and Star Hotels. In addition, it has been awarded by internationally acclaimed and respected organization, Belur Math Ramkrishna Mission to secure their belongings through its surveillance design. “We are working on retuning ourselves into a company which can provide one-roof solutions in the field of Networking and IT Infrastructure domain by offering a cosmopolitan environment of implementation and consultancy to our clients,” signs off Anirban.