Patwa Kinarivala Electronics-Streamlining Data and Voice Communication and Connectivity

CIO Vendor IT infrastructure of an organization has various systems dealing with valuable data. Internal and external communication can get difficult sometimes due to incompatibilities between different systems. Additionally, replacement of systems with another is often costly and an enterprise can lose substantial amount of valuable data. System integration solutions by Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Ltd (PKEL) helps enterprises decrease administration work, deliver better service to customers and automate key work processes by saving time. Leveraging Cisco technologies, Vadodara headquartered PKEL has built its image as a system integrator and helped numerous MNCs to fulfil their IT requirement under one roof. Along with its nerve centre at Vadodara, PKEL also has offices in Ahmedabad and Bharuch.

PKEL has been offering Datacenter, Cloud, Networking, Unified Communications and video conferencing solutions to sectors viz: Manufacturing, Educational Institutes, B&FS, Healthcare facilities, Government etc. since its inception. “We are a technology solution provider rather than a trading company and our focus has been on integrating solutions rather than systems,” says Mr. Rahil Patwa, Executive Director of PKEL. The company is headed by technocrat entrepreneur Mr. Rajen Patwa(MD) who has received five national awards in Industrial Electronics.

To fulfil ever increasing data volume, security and storage requirements, PKEL proffers ‘On Premise Datacenter (OPDC)’ solution. It includes a compact ‘plug-n-play’ fully integrated datacentre, configured individually for all sizes, which eradicates various IT infrastructure management issues.
Apart from OPDC, PKEL also offers Colocation Datacenter and Enterprise Cloud Services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS along with High Density Datacenter installation service. “For data storage management, we offer a blend of hardware and software solutions, which keeps the business data available round the clock. Our assistance ensures an effective storage infrastructure that allows enterprises to protect, optimize and leverage data on premise as well as on cloud,” explains Mr. Rahil.

PKEL has been offering Datacenter, Cloud, Networking, Unified Communications and video conferencing solutions

For safeguarding systems against unauthorized access, services denial and destruction of data, PKEL offers End Point Security, Stateful Firewalls, Audits, Vulnerability Assessment and Unified Threat Management Services; and to enable seamless communication, PKEL delivers cutting edge unified communication and Video conferencing solutions by leveraging Cisco technologies. “We manifest demo kits of latest Video conferencing and collaboration devices to give client the experience of the technology before they make buying decisions,” Rahil adds.

Prior to offering any solution, PKEL understands the requirements of clients across the full range of applications, usage patterns and resources by identifying the appropriate platform or technology, designing appropriate architecture and considering future scalability. In near future, Patwa Kinarivala Electronics is looking to leverage the opportunity created by rapid shift towards technologies such as mobile, cloud, big data, and social computing services etc. “The technical competence of our organization will always keep pace with the innovations by partnering itself with many other leading vendors in the IT industry,” concludes the Executive Director.