Parsec Telesystems-Consolidating Internal Communication Systems of Enterprises

CIO Vendor Unified communication (UC) and IP Telephony communication systems are lowering communication costs for enterprises and helping them derive the benefits of process optimization and efficiency enhancement through deployment of various applications. However, many resellers and system integrators of IP telephony integration services focus only on providing the basic infrastructure which is required for cost reduction. They do not educate their end-users enough on the possible process and business benefits and efficiency enhancements that are achievable by an optimal deployment of applications suited to the end-user’s needs.

As a result, the end customer fails to get the full benefit of an IP telephony system deployment and has a much lower ROI than what the system is capable of providing if applications were to be added. To help bridge this gap, Gurgaon based PARSEC Telesystems offers off-the-shelf applications, application integration services and custom-made collaboration/UC/IP telephony applications.

“We have been in the enterprise telephony market for over two decades now and our USP is providing a full range of application services on Cisco’s collaboration/UC platform,” says Ajoy Dasgupta, CEO at PARSEC Telesystems. PARSEC’s MARS applications have popular appeal across all kinds of Cisco UC end-users. “MARS applications have been developed on popular demand from Cisco UC enterprise uses and it is compatible to all recent versions of Cisco collaboration, UC and IP telephony products,” Ajoy points out.

Looking at some popular ready-to-use applications, MARS Phone Lock application enables prevention of unauthorized VoIP STD/ISD outgoing calls by office staff. To help enterprises react and communicate fast and correctly in an emergency situation, PARSEC offers MARS Panic button application that sets up one-click conferences among key managers during emergencies.
MARS VOIP notification application enables voice and text broadcasts for bulk communication and public emergency notifications. “Depending on the nature of the emergency, the broadcaster may choose to inform the 2nd floor but not the ground and 1st floor. This way panic can be avoided during a situation such as a blaze,” Ajoy illustrates a possible scenario. Apart from this, MARS Application Suite has features of personal and external directory that assist companies to seek names, dealer’s code and location in real time. The suite also has a CLI application to figure out prank calls.

Cisco offers a rich and robust set of APIs for application specialists like PARSEC to interact with customers

Besides figuring out prank calls, monitoring and recording conversation is also necessary for enterprise to avoid mistakes while talking to clients. MARS silent listen-in and whisper application allows a line manager, trainer or a QA specialist to eavesdrop or even whisper to an employee when he is talking to a client. PARSEC’s password application, MeetMe verifies conference calls by adding a secure IVR based password verification system. Further, the application also allows remote PSTN conference start. “These are simple and yet very convenient value-adds that these ready-to-use MARS applications provide to the Cisco UC user community,” Ajoy adds.

Speaking of higher value-add UC to enterprise application integration services, Ajoy says “Cisco offers a rich and robust set of APIs for application specialists like PARSEC to interact with customers, focus on their pain areas and sweet spots; then design and provide application integration services which serve measurable process improvement and add to customers’ satisfaction and wow experience.”