Netcon Technologies- Enabling Interoperability of Diverse Communicating Systems

CIO Vendor One of the major challenges for enterprises is identifying the right system integrator who can customize and deploy various Cisco solutions. Tier I partners such as Wipro, IBM, Dimension Data etc., usually focus on well known conglomerates. Because of the size and employee strength, networking requirements of each enterprise is unique. Hence there is a requirement that System Integrator covers the entire OSI Model, right from the physical layer to application layer. Coimbatore headquartered Netcon technologies leverages Cisco technologies for providing customized solutions in networking, security, IP Telephony, unified communications, Cloud storage and datacenter virtualization; which is on par with other Tier I partners.

Along with its nerve centre in Coimbatore, Netcon has presence in Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai

“Our differentiating factor among our competitors is our solution expertise on Cisco and consultative approach. Our depth of expertise is on par with Tier I partners,” says Mahalingam Ramasamy, Managing Director Netcon Technologies. The company is managed by technocrats that have experience in consulting, deployment and management of complex networks and Datacenters.
He further explains that the company initially engages with the customer and acts as an advisor during the entire servicing process.

“Our approach has always been like “horses for the courses”. We do not push a product for the sake of deployment. We strive to understand the business requirements to suggest a relevant Cisco solution,” adds Ramasamy. To consolidate the servicing method, Netcon has a separate pre-sales solution architect team for analyzing suitable solutions and requirements of customers. Along with its nerve centre in Coimbatore, Netcon has presence in Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Prior to deploying networking services to clients, Netcon’s pre-sales team initially visits the customer’s premises to understand and analyze their business requirements and existing infrastructure. “Considering the present requirements and future scalability of customers, we eventually position the suitable product of Cisco that would fit into the designed architecture of clients,” explains Ramasamy. All the networking deployments by Netcon is influenced by Cisco’s “Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize” lifecycle model. This approach has been helping enterprises in reducing the TCO of networks, improve the agility of the company and increase access speed to applications and services.

With the evolution of cloud and other networking technologies such as Software Defined Networks (SDN), Ramasamy perceives the networking landscape to change in the near future. “Internet of Things (IoT) is another area which is going to drive the network design to be more complex and demanding,” he adds. Netcon is confident to leverage various upcoming technologies as it has made a mark successfully in its earlier days by experimenting with SDN using OpenFlow protocol. The company is currently engaged in “Digital India” project in partnership with infrastructure companies to bid for smart and safe city projects. “We will continue to gear up with more infrastructure companies and technology providers like Cisco to uplift the Digital India projects and enable customers to meet their goals,” concludes the Managing Director.