Myasa Network Solutions- Managing Networks for Enterprise to Focus on Core Competencies

CIO Vendor Cisco is a global leader in providing Networking technology which is not only highly reliable but also secure and optimized for highest performance. However, even though its solutions offer numerous networking benefits, not all organizations have optimized its offerings effectively. “IT teams of some organizations are not skilled enough to generate quick responses to network outages due to lack of expertise in using networking technologies,” says Yasser Kazmi, CEO of Myasa Network Solutions. Emerging from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar based Myasa Network Solutions provides and supports quality networking solutions to heterogeneous verticals by leveraging Cisco technologies.

With the slogan of ‘Making Net Work’ and a motive to deploy technology for impact, Myasa maintains the networks of various organizations through its highly skilled team of Support engineers and management at Network Operations Center (NOC) for effectively monitoring and analyzing any upcoming outages. “By outsourcing Network Management to us, our customers remain focused on their core business activities and need not invest in upgrading their in-house IT teams for maintaining the networks,” adds Yasser.

Customarily, other System Integrators or value added resellers in the market let their customers take the ultimate networking decisions. In some case this could also result in irrelevant or insecure networking deployment. For instance, if an organization intends to build a solution on OEM other than Cisco, other System Integrators would go forward with that solution and build it as per the customer requirements.
“We build solutions only around Cisco. We know that Cisco has the best in networking technology and we want our customers to have the best,” explains Yasser. Myasa ensures that it does not sell more than what is required to meet a particular business goal. Yasser believes that every network has a potential for optimization and his team plans for the measures to be taken to meet the required goals. “We try to dwell deep into the business vision of our customer’s organization to have a better understanding of requirements in line with the overall vision of any organization,” the CEO points out.

Cisco certified engineers from Myasa team handle the Level 1 support for CISCO deployments

Cisco certified engineers from Myasa team handle the Level 1 support for CISCO deployments. In some cases where Myasa needs assistance, CISCO support is just a phone call away. “CISCO backs up our efforts in providing high availability of the network by creating redundancy for critical applications, securing the vital data and network entry points, and making the solution investment friendly,” adds Yasser.

Owing to its strong partnership with Cisco, Myasa is committed to provide high quality Cisco solutions and support to customers in the years to come. In addition, as the demand for networking solutions is bulging due to initiatives and trends such as National Optical Fiber Network Project, Digital India and Internet of Things (IoT), Yasser sees a great opportunity for network infrastructure companies in India. “At Myasa we have been gearing up constantly for the change and we are always ready to be a part of the emerging trends,” signs off Yasser.