Microtel Netlinks- Customizing IT Infrastructure Solutions for Varying Requirements

CIO Vendor For an organization’s day-to-day operations to be streamlined, it has become imperative to have an effective and robust enterprise networking and communication infrastructure in place, connecting people, devices and IT systems to allow the employees to communicate with each other securely. However, when it comes to exploiting the full capability of the network, it is essential to join hands with an expert network solution provider who can help your business thrive. Microtel Netlinks, headquartered in Surat, plays the role of such a partner for enterprises and integrates Cisco technology solutions for IT infrastructure services.

“IT infrastructure is a key to business success and a poorly designed IT Infrastructure can have a major impact on business, whether it is Data Center, Office Site or Factory Site. We at Microtel Netlinks focus on IT Infrastructure design and setup starting from ground up,” says Juzer Poonawala, Director, Microtel Netlinks. If a customer with poorly designed data center approaches Microtel, the team analyzes bottlenecks and audits both physical as well as virtual systems. Based on the analysis, the company follows standards to bridge gaps and tighten the security vulnerability.

With the exponential growth of Internet, personal, government and business applications continue to multiply on the Internet, offering immediate benefits to its end users. However, introduction of smart gadgets like Tablets and Pocket PCs can pose security risks to individuals and to the information resources of companies and governments. Microtel Netlinks believes information is an asset that must be protected and without adequate network security, many individuals, businesses, and governments risk losing that crucial asset.
The company provides Wireless/Wi-Fi solutions to fulfill the objectives of protecting confidentiality, maintaining integrity and ensuring availability. “With this in mind, we always provide solutions with firewall i.e. Cisco ASA Series and controller based Wi-Fi solutions which establish security and help in achieving the goal,” adds Juzer.

In the area of Unified Communications, Cisco has been providing its partners training and webinars to upgrade and keep up the pace in Unified Communications. Microtel Netlinks follows Cisco’s footsteps in training and upgrading its engineer’s knowledge to keep pace with the trends in Unified Communications. As a Cisco partner, Microtel Netlinks provides a standard Video Conferencing solution which is designed by Cisco and is cost effective, user friendly and comes with plug-n-play feature. Moreover, to simplify the usage of solutions, the organization educates and guides companies’ employees to use video collaboration more effectively.

Microtel Netlinks focuses on IT Infrastructure design and setup starting from ground up

Equipped with a vast technical skill set and having years of experience in designing, developing, integrating and implementing bespoke software solutions as per varying requirements, Microtel Netlinks has successfully implemented various solutions. For example, it helped one of its clients enhance the production immensely by constantly monitoring the entire production work flow using RFID technology.

Looking at the increasing number of Internet connected systems and devices, the company is buckled up to provide innovative IT Infrastructure Solutions with effective strategies, user-centered designs and disruptive technologies.