Ishan Infotech Limited- Supporting Business Continuity by Internet Service and System Integration

CIO Vendor Synchronization of Systems is the one of the major factors that help enterprises stay ahead in the competitive market. Vendors offering System Integration service have a broad range of skills in networking, enterprise architecture, internet protocols, Data testing etc. However, not all system integrators in the market have the capability to install end-to-end networking solutions at favorable price. “Our key strength is the capability to design and deploy mission critical platforms at optimal costs,” says Pinkesh Kotecha, Chairman and CEO of Ishan Infotech. With more than 15 years of presence in Gujarat, Rajkot headquartered Ishan Infotech is the only vendor in the state to have pre-sales and post-sales deployment skill sets in domains ranging from internet leased lines, documentation, Green computing, data testing, campus networking and virtualization. Since its inception in 2000, Ishan Infotech has been extending its expertise to clients such as Corporate, Educational Institutes, Colleges, PSUs, Government and numerous SMEs across Gujarat. This Internet Service Provider and System Integrator has presence in four other cities in Gujarat apart from Rajkot, offering 24/7 assistance to clients.

“Prior to implementing any solution, we consider a few parameters such as existing challenges of clients, their current expectations, applications to be used, commercial viability and future road map,” adds Pinkesh. He adds that Ishan Group always emphasizes on internal processes, before implementing any project. Preparatory tasks involve Business Continuity Planning activity with the counterparts at the customer end, which encompass understanding of user population, high and low density areas, location of the data-center etc. Additionally, Ishan’s engineers also ensure to speculate downtime estimation, threats and possible mitigating measures and pre-requisites of customers before initiating the project.
“AutoCAD drawings are also treated as inputs and in certain cases discussion with architects also happen in order to maintain the aesthetics while executing networking projects,” points out Pinkesh.

Networking projects by Ishan Group broadly form a part of WAN topology encompassing WAN Accelerators, Load Balancers and Security Appliances. After installation of networks, some enterprises also complain about power consumption, space utilization and downtime of network infrastructure. To mitigate these issues, Ishan Group leverages Cisco UCS platform. “UCS platform allows for optimum power consumption at various performance levels and it also allows for space saving measures,” adds Pinkesh. However, User Acceptance Test (UAT) and documentation is among the prior processes done before implementing networking projects. “Documentation is a basic expectation from the customer and Ishan’s pre-sales team works with its project deployment teams and documents the final status of the networking project,” Pinkesh explains.

Ishan Group always emphasizes on internal processes, before implementing any project

Pinkesh sees the future of ISP business and System Integration both as promising as well as challenging. “For the ISP and system integration business, the next biggest contributor would be the tier 3 cities,” he adds. Although there is backhaul limitation and network congestion in urban and semi-urban areas across India, Ishan Group believes that there will be huge demand from this region and the company is looking ahead to expand its reach outside Gujarat.