Frans Global Infotech- Offering Singular Converged Wireless Network

CIO Vendor Work culture in enterprises is evolving to support an environment which allows employees to work from anywhere at anytime. Letting go of the traditional restricted corporate infrastructure, enterprises are looking to provide the modern employee with the flexibility of always being connected to work, for being more productive. To accomplish the same, they are trying to leverage wireless technology. However, there is a need to understand the expectation of today’s wireless user because they do not want any complexities in accessing wireless network. They never want security layers implemented to waste their valuable time. Hence, the real challenge is to implement wireless technology according to customers’ requirements.

Frans Global Infotech, headquartered in Jodhpur, comprehends the expectations of wireless network users and provides secured wireless network with on-demand scalability and smooth collaboration for a unified network access so that organizations can benefit in the long run in addition to short term return on investment. This Premier Certified Partner of Cisco believes in providing a unified architecture by resorting to one policy, one management strategy and one network strategy.“Learning and understanding Wireless Technologies is one thing whereas implementing it as per standards and customer’s requirement with scalability, robust secured wireless network and in-depth understanding of customer’s pain points is another task which is very crucial for partner to build long lasting relationships. Thinking from customer’s point of view, we provide solution in terms of what is currently required with road map for scalability, instead of over sizing the deal,” says Nazish Khan, Managing Director, Frans Global Infotech. “Today’s customers are looking for end-to-end technology solution and single window support. Cisco’s solution offers quick closure of deals, thus providing more time in hand to businesses for focusing on new opportunities to have year over year revenue growth,” adds Nazish.

Robust network security

Frans Global helps enterprises by implementing open access wireless network where anyone can connect to the network. The connected users are prompted to enter user id and password and once authenticated by RADIUS Server through 802.1x process, role based access is defined automatically as per role of users in the organization wherein they can access pre-defined resources. First time users are redirected to a portal for registration process and the access is approved by immediate boss or network administrator after verifying his/her credentials. “Robust security is achieved through this process and on top of it endpoint MAC Address is bound with the user id so that user cannot log-on from other devices. It helps in auditing, end point profiling and achieving a true BYOD implementation,” adds Nazish.
Frans Global Infotech recently implemented Campus Wide Wireless Network for reputed Universities and Enterprises. The company is among a few Cisco partners who have implemented Campus wide Next Generation Wireless on 802.11ac with security provisioning through Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) and future ready Campus backbone scalability from 10G to 100G and Wireless scalability from 450 MBPS to 1.3 GBPS. Frans Global takes advantage of network programmability to simplify operations, using Cisco Open Networking Environment (ONE) architecture. To detect proliferation of interference in wireless networks spectrum analysis, the company implements Cisco® CleanAir™ technology which uses silicon-level intelligence to create a spectrum-aware, self-healing, and self-optimizing wireless network that mitigates the impact of wireless interference and offers performance protection for 802.11n and 802.11ac networks.

Frans Global helps enterprises by implementing open access wireless network where anyone can connect to the network

“The most important and critical part in implementing Wireless Technology is RF Design according to customer requirements. Since FRANS is Cisco’s Wireless LAN specialized and experienced partner, we can quickly understand customer requirements and implement architectural approach to design, build and operate a secure wireless network,” adds Nazish. Frans as Cisco partner believes that no other OEM can provide efficient and prompt services/support across the globe, with Cisco’s next-generation wireless solutions that increase wireless LAN performance, management, and security.

Collaboration & Internet of Things (IoT)

Frans Global Infotech believes in Collaboration & Internet of Things (IoT) and strives to build next generation technology specialists with the help of Cisco’s Training & learning roadmap, and in turn provides best experience to its customers. In a very short span of time, the company has graduated to implement Cisco CUCM with Unity, IM & Presence Solution, Cisco ISE with WLC 5760 & Cisco 3700 & 2700 Series Access Points, Cisco Prime Infrastructure Life Cycle & Nexus 9300 / 4500 / 3600 Series Switching Solution.
“With in-house professional team for Wired and Wireless Networks Solutions, we strive to consistently learn from customer’s experiences and transparent technology interaction with customer enables us to gain the confidence of customer and prove our worth as a Cisco Partner. We are putting our best foot forward to be prepared for implementation of 802.11ac (Wave 2) and 802.11ax Solution and would like to earn Best Partner Award from Cisco,” concludes Nazish.