Emarson Computers- Reducing Complexity by Offering Pertinent Networking Solutions

CIO Vendor Technological enhancement in Voice Integration, Data Integration and Networking has surged dramatically and has bridged the gap for interoperability among various platforms. The Unified Communications market now encompasses more diverse IT vendors providing Networking solutions than ever before. However, vendors providing Networking solutions are sometimes not able to pinpoint a relevant solution for clients which eventually results in low return over their investment. With over two decades of presence in the market , Noida headquartered Emarson Computers has excelled in figuring out and providing most relevant Networking Solution to support enterprise data and voice communication network. With its nerve center in Noida, Emarson also has its presence in Bangalore and Mumbai.

“As we have only a handful OEMs such as Cisco as one of our partners, it reduces the complexity while making a proposal to clients,” says Sumeet Prakash, MD and Co-Founder of Emarson IT Solutions. He has an experience of over two decades in techno-commercial environment in providing wide and local area networking solutions. Sumeet adds that there are numerous competitors who come up with various Networking solutions, but they usually end up confusing clients by proposing too many options. “Instead of reacting to the client’s enquiry for a quote, we first send our technical team to completely understand the requirement. A detailed scoping is done, which usually involves tools and softwares to arrive at the right solution. Only then we propose a detailed BOQ to the client,” adds Sumeet.
As a strategic technology and business partner, Emarson helps enterprises add value to network infrastructure and maximize returns on investment by optimizing data center solutions, VoIP Solutions apart from Routing, Switching and Wireless Solutions. The company specializes in designing networks, maintaining networks, testing, validation, procurement of components and system sourcing. For wireless LAN validation, Emarson leverages Cisco tools to generate heat maps. By submitting modular design to clients in the form of heat maps, they are given the flexibility to revert with their preferences and Emarson accordingly customizes the design and bill of quantities. With regards to facility management, Emarson understands the needs of the client and then proposes onsite or offsite dedicated resources to do the job. “At Emarson, our approach to building a network involves assessment of the current infrastructure, understanding the customer's unique requirements, designing an optimal solution and finally deploying it,” explains Sumeet.

marson is rolling up its sleeves to deliver service in mobility domain

In the years to come, networking technologies are expected to continue leveraging mobile UC&C players to offer advanced solutions. As everything needs IP support, Sumeet foresees a lot of convergence in mobility and digital technologies ahead. With advancement of enterprise mobility, Emarson is rolling up its sleeves to deliver service in mobility domain. “Clients need decision making inputs on the go and we are constantly working with Cisco to deliver cutting edge technologies,” concludes Sumeet.