Aletheia Technologies- Devising Networking and Security solutions with Consulting Approach

CIO Vendor Organizations from heterogeneous verticals viz: pharmaceutical, advertising, Manufacturing, banking etc. are sometimes perplexed regarding selection of relevant networking and security solutions. Some non-IT organizations still consider that data security is limited to antivirus and URL filtering is enough to mitigate threats. Following the adoption of wrong networking and security technologies, enterprises end up incurring losses. As irrelevant networking and security deployments turn out as unfortunate, it is vital for enterprises to understand their respective Network and Data Security requirements in a holistic manner.

Aletheia Technologies helps its clients in opting relevant technologies by providing a comprehensive illustration of their Network and Data Security requirements

To simplify decision making tasks and assist enterprises with regards to System Integration and Security, Mumbai headquartered, Aletheia Technologies helps its clients in opting relevant technologies by providing a comprehensive illustration of their Network and Data Security requirements, prior to deploying any solution.
“We guide customers on adopting most relevant Cisco technologies and solutions that meet their needs, technically and commercially,” says Clarence D’Souza, CEO and Director at Aletheia Technologies. Having worked with well-established IT companies in India as a professional manager and Managing Director, Clarence further explains that strong IT infrastructure is directly proportional to positive business outlook. “Our priority has been to give an overall idea of networking and security solutions by suggesting clients to build a strong networking backbone, define rights and policies apart from installing a firewall that will cater to data security from all aspects,” he adds. Various offerings on data security that Aletheia Technologies provides are Intrusion detection, Intrusion prevention, DLP, Antivirus, Anti-Spam and Port Blocking etc. “Our data security offerings help clients to build a strong security boundary and protect their business from internal and external threats,” points out Clarence.

Apart from Data Security and IT infrastructure solutions, this Cisco partner also specializes in Managed IT outsourcing services and IT staffing. Clarence further explains that his team manages the entire IT requirements for enterprises that need professional help in thinking and planning operations. Aletheia’s team encompasses of experts hailing from heterogeneous educational and industrial background such as Economics, Marketing, Finance, Media, Programming, Manufacturing and Consulting etc. “Our service is completely ownership driven that engages a full team of professionals from front end to back end. In other words we act as a functional arm of our clients,” adds Clarence.

Aletheia Technologies believes in working on the solution rather than the brands or the product. Since its inception in 2010, the company has managed to retain over 90 percent of clients, which has been possible due to its philosophy of Solution Consulting approach. “We are not restricted to any specific technology and in near future we aim to grow organically by investing in other technologies too,” concludes the CEO.